Test Thirtytwo Jones Mtb 2021

1 test Thirtytwo Jones Mtb.

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Poor upper leg support and heavy

Profil du testeur : 39 ans | 1,75m | 79kg | Avancé
Acheté : en ligne
Conditions du test : deep powder, piste

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poor upprt leg support

The boot is of great quality and seems ultra durable. It is very stiff overall, but the liner is wide open at the back, which results (at least for me) in a very poor upper leg support. This of course allows long strides for splitboarding, but going downhill is quite bad!! It is also heavy (~1400g), even with this new 2021 "lighter" version, which is a pity for climbs.... Overall I couldn't find the coherency with this model, which is stiff but provides poor support, made for uphill perf. with long strides but very heavy... I sent them back and bought the DC Travis Rice, which worked much better for me !!

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