Test Movement Go Strong 2017

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Movement Go Strong


Profil du testeur : 1,75m | 78kg | Expert
Taille testée : 185
Acheté : 560€ en magasin
Conditions du test : 2 mois, tout le condition de neige

Really a great ski polyvalent with a soldi construction made for speed. Very stable on crust powder and solid in all different situation of snow. From Ice to uneven surface of snow. Really comfortable at speed an on steep terrain. The fable side is for sure the super deep powder days. The size of it require a good amount of speed to be able to rise over the powder level. The tail quite straight gives a good support when landing jumps or making high speed turns.

Pour qui ?

c'est parfait pour tout le jour, principalement pour descente
Accessibilité & confort
Performance grandes courbes
Performance petites courbes
Performance trafole
Aptitudes piste
Aptitudes freestyle

Points forts

polivalente, solidità su la beige dur

Points faibles

poudreuse deep

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