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Movement Revo 86

Complete surprise about that skiability!!!

Profil du testeur : 1,85m | 85kg | Expert
Taille testée : 175
Acheté : en magasin
Conditions du test : hard and icy but also some fresh and soft snow

I had the possibility to test the REVO 86 last weekend. I have to say that I didn't expect such a sporty skiability! The REVO carved even on ice almost like a Racingski. Its flex is great and lets you ski a variety of different radius. In softer snow it felt very comfortable due to the tip rocker and the width i guess. Would like to try it in fresh powder once... Can't wait to ski my own REVO 86! 

Pour qui ?

everybody who is looking for a super versatile ski on and off piste!
Accessibilité & confort
Performance grandes courbes
Performance petites courbes
Aptitudes "tout terrain"

Points forts

allover skiability

Points faibles

nothing to say

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