Test Movement Control 2017

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Movement Control

Pour tout le Jour

Profil du testeur : 45 ans | 1,75m | 78kg | Expert
Taille testée : 185
Acheté : 489€ en magasin
Conditions du test : tout le typologie de neige

The ski that I love to use all days. It is perfect for every situation. From piste use with children to short random, to solid skiing in and offsite. The construction is rigid enough to satisfy the user at speed, but still so light that is incredible useable to access those secluded area in the resort where to draw your personal line. The most incredible thing is the lightness connected to the solidity during use. Naturally lightness in comparison to this freehand skis typology. I liked it to be as well trick oriented being light and solid it was fun in the park or pipe sometime, definitely something for which it isn't been designed for. Great choice to do a little everything. Construction is rigid with Carbon fiber and this reduce flex at steep descent 

Pour qui ?

to all the people out there that search a single ski to do everything from skinning the mountains to descent everywhere with confidence and good speed
Accessibilité & confort
Performance grandes courbes
Aptitudes piste
Performance petites courbes
Performance trafole

Points forts

skiabilitè avec un poids bas

Points faibles

n'aime pas la super vitesse

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