TICKET TO RIDE # 02 " Sioux trail "by RideUp

Riders / Camera : Johann Civel & Wareck Arnaud
Guest : Hugues Beaume

Here is the second episode of Ticket to ride.

It's all about riding the mountains with or without a kite.

It's taking place in the South French Alps in the beginning of May. It's my home spot call Cervieres, and it's my favorite spot ...

At this time of the year , the cold and North windy days, allow you to ride all day long and reach summits over 3000 m and ride more than 30 000 meters up and down!
You can ride up steep couloirs and check how snow condition is before skiing in it !! And sometimes it's may powder !!
To understand even better the sport, check the GPS track, the biggest runs are around 1000m vertical !!

See you when snow will be home !!

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