The Bruners Video

This is the chapter after Nowamean's Renaissance. A fresh new start that fully represents who we have become throughout the years: a dynamic group of friends who have learned how to work together and help each other, with a common desire to produce the best snowboard video we can.
Much love,

The Bruners family

Alex Gogo
Alexis Mailhot
Axel Stall
Chris Fellner
Emile Veilleux
L-p Dorval
Mas Seguin
Nic Roy
Russell Beardsley

Music credits:
Intro: Future - Killers , Alexis's Part: Message - Dernière nuit , Mas's Part: Mall grab - can't, Chris's part: Kodak black - Already, Russell's part: Maxb - American slore, Emile's Part: Burzum - Darkness, Nic's Part: Blonde Redhead - Misery is a butterfly,
Axel's Part: Paolo Nutini - One day, Pijiu tour part 1: Carl Douglas - Kung Fu fighting

Realised and Produced by William Jourdain & Julien Choiniere

Title by Sasha Royal

Cover photo: Eric Lamothe

Supported by: Billabong, Vonzipper, Vans, Ride, Thirtytwo, Fix, Empire, Homies, Instance and Beaverwax

Instagram: the_bruners

Les coups de coeur