Suzuki Nine Knights | Big Air Ski & Snowboard Contest Action

Every year, the Suzuki Nine Knights week long super session wraps up with an a action packed Big Air contest day. It is no usual competition, as it is judged by the pros themselves, in a jam session format. The Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livingo saw the snowboarders join the event for the first time, making for an ever bigger show for the crowds.

Watch the winning runs of Sven Thorgren, Tor Lundström and Seppe Smits, as well as of the all Swiss ski podium with Luca Schuler, Kai Mahler and Fabian Bösch.

Produced by The Distillery

Filmed by:
Lukas Tielke |
Manuel Rueda |
Martin Hanisch|
Fabian Hyden |
Mark von Roy |
Thomas Dunzendorfer |

Drone Filming by :
Andreas Hechler |
Vincent Haldy |

Edited by:
Davide Spina |

GoPro Team:
Justin Whiting
Sean Balmer
Will Hodgett

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