Jérémie Heitz & Sam Anthamatten : La Liste 2, Everything or Nothing | OFFICIAL TRAILER

Le trailer du nouveau projet sur deux ans de Jérémie Heitz, accompagné de Sam Anthamatten, dans lequel ils explorent des montagnes encore plus grandes, encore plus raides, du côté de l'Himalaya... "La Liste, Everything or Nothing", sortie prévue à l'automne 2020.

"Is it possible to translate fast and fluid skiing onto the most beautiful 6000m peaks on the planet? That is the question freeskiers Jérémie Heitz and Sam Anthamatten have been trying to answer. After almost two years of filming in some of the world’s most unforgiving mountain ranges, LA LISTE: EVERYTHING OR NOTHING is coming soon.

Made in partnership with award-winning filmmakers Sherpas Cinema and also features interviews with Jimmy Chin, Jeremy Jones and Sylvain Saudan. The film is slated for release in Fall 2020 and follows freeskiers Heitz and Anthamatten as they travel to the world’s high-altitude mountain ranges and attempt to make their distinct mark on those giant peaks, exploring the absolute limit of human possibility."

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