Expedition Antarctica - Episode 1: Off to a new journey

In search of snowy peaks, breathtaking ski descents and impressive rock and ice formations, Mammut Pro Team athlete Caro North, mountain guide Guillaume Martina and skipper Mark van den Weg ventured on an expedition to the wild Antarctic. They experienced an adventure just as wild that pushed them to their limits again and again over a period of four weeks. The trip to the Antarctic led Mammut Pro Team athlete Caro North and mountain guide Guillaume Martina into unfamiliar terrain. With the hope of finding countless snow-covered islands on the northern tip of the Antarctic, some of which have never been explored before, climbing, ascending and descending them, they entered the deck of their sailing ship in Ushuaia, Argentina. The first part of the journey had already been a tough one. Accompanied by mountain guide Daniel Coquoz, skippers Caroline Theoret and Mark van den Berg, photographer Laurent Bruchez and filmmaker Jaques Vouilloz, they had to cross the infamous Drake Passage. Without much sailing experience, the strait between the southern tip of South America and the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula was physically demanding for the athletes. Four to five days on the open sea later the Southern Shetland Islands could be reached. The search for snowy peaks, breathtaking ski descends and impressive rock and ice formations could begin.

Les coups de coeur