Expedition Antarctica - Episode 4: Ice climbing in Antarctica

In search of snowy peaks, breathtaking ski descents and impressive rock and ice formations, Mammut Pro Team athlete Caro North, mountain guide Guillaume Martina and skipper Mark van den Weg ventured on an expedition to the wild Antarctic. They experienced an adventure just as wild that pushed them to their limits again and again over a period of four weeks. As soon as the sky cleared, a paradise for extreme sportswomen opened up for the team. A dangerous paradise, where the athletes had to trust their own abilities and equipment all the more. The perfectly equipped team around Mammut Pro Team athlete Caro North succeeded in both and was rewarded with impressive pictures and even more unique experiences. Even though only four expedition days brought good weather, the expedition was a success, said Caro North: "The experience was unique. Going ashore and making the first tracks in the snow on skis, paddling among penguins, passing seals in a snowstorm to go ice climbing or crossing the Drake Passage was incredible". Although she would have liked more time to climb and dreamed of climbing a new mixed route, she was grateful to have been part of this expedition. "Our ski tour on an island consisting of only one mountain during a very short weather window - that was certainly a moment I will never forget," Caro adds. The results are fascinating pictures, deserted landscapes and snow-capped mountains against a surreal backdrop of ice and sea.

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