Eric Pollard - Drawn From Here (film complet)

Le skieur et artiste Eric Pollard est de retour avec Drawn From Here, un petit bijou visuel qui retrace son amour pour la peinture et la poudreuse, ainsi que son difficile retour sur les skis après sa blessure en Russie en 2014.

"Drawn From Here is a film by Eric Pollard that opens with an exploration of his processes as a skier, as a ski/product designer, and as an artist. It follows the influences he draws from—like basing the shape of a ski tip off of a surfboard or finding patterns observed in nature to integrate into the graphics he hand draws for a ski—and illuminates a thread that runs through and binds all his different disciplines and hobbies."

"About Eric Pollard:
EP is a professional skier, artist, and designer from Welches, Oregon. For 20 of his 36 years he’s been professionally sponsored as a skier, but what defines the whole of his career over that time goes well beyond that one simple fact."

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