Cabin Jams

8 friends travel to a remote cabin, riders and musicians. With no script they set out to interpret the landscape and write and record songs that become the audio for the film. Out in the Mountains all day, in the cabin jamming all night!

-Katie Marti
-Maggie Davis
-Mike Shaffer
-Stephanie Shaffer

-Alex Yoder
-Brodie Evans
-Leah Evans
-Marie France Roy

Directed by
-Jamie Tanner

Produced by
-Leah Evans
-Jamie Tanner
-Alex Yoder

Cinematography by
-DRFTWD/ Jamie Tanner

Edited by
-DRFTWD/ Jamie Tanner

Written by
-Leah Evans
-Molly Baker

Cinematography assistant
-Brodie Evans

Still photography
-Zoya Lynch

-Madeline Martine Preney

-Laura Yale

Title Design
- Henry Slaughter

Special thanks to
-Juan Argento
-Krystin Kempton
-Allison Allen
-Jimmy Hopper
-Hayden Robbins
-Mike Bromberg

Les coups de coeur