Best of Slopestyle | World Rookie Finals 2019 - Kitzsteinhorn (AUT)

The girls started first and Annika Morgan (GER) took the first place in the rookie category showing her style with cab 540 tailgrab, backside 720 mute, backside nosbutter 360, fs lipslide prezel out, swicth backside blunt 270 out, sw bs to normal, bs boardslide. “I am really hyped to win the Nines wildcard that has always been my dream! So stoked!” Annika was followed by Mona Danuser (SUI) and Addison Gardner (USA). In the grom girls category, Evy Poppe (BEL) gained the highest score and conquered the podium. Evy landed a: cab 540 mute, frontisde 540 indy, switch backside 280, 50-50 fs 360 out, bs blunt to fakie, front board slide. Belgium girl was followed by Marilù Poluzzi (ITA) and Mia Brooks (GBR). Mitchell Doven (NZL) dominated the rookie boys category and won the World Rookie Boy Champion title. His riding level was very high and his tricks very technical. Mitchell’s run consisted of a cab double cork 1080 indy, switch backside 1260 mute, backside 360 tuckknee, underflip 540, 50-50 bs 360 out, bs up the rail, fs, ds 270 in backside boardslide. Yuuto Yamada (JPN) and William Mathisen (SWE) won respectively the second and the third place. Michtell impression: “I did not come with any expectations, just wanted to put down my run and I am super happy.. so stocked”. Among the grom boys, an impressive Valentino Guseli (NZL) arrived first thanks to his run: switch backside 900 mute, backside doublecork 1080 mute, frontside 180 indy, front board to fakie, switch lip normal, 360 sul wall, switch lipslide 270 out. Rikuto Wakanabe (JPN) and Benni Fridbhjornsson followed him and completed the podium.

Results - Slopestyle:

Girls - Rookie:
1. Annika Morgan (GER)
2. Mona Danuser (SUI)
3. Addison Gardner (USA)

Girls - Grom:
1. Evy Poppe (BEL)
2. Marilù Poluzzi (ITA)
3. Mia Brooks (GBR)

Boys - Rookie:
1. Mitchell Daven (NZL)
2. Yuuto Yamada (JPN)
3. William Mathisen (SWE)

Boys - Grom:
1. Valentino Guseli (NZL)
2. Rikuto Wakanabe (JPN)
3. Benni Fridbhjornsson

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