a (fun) day in les 2 alpes

just got back from les 2 alpes. I first went there for the kumi yama, a fun team contest that we won with my friends Aluan Ricciardi and Arthur Longo, then I stay for a few more days to train.
The conditions were really good, but the park is really fun but not good enough to train hard. I wanted to learn some new double corks in the pipe but it was over vert, and the landings of the kikers were a bit to flat.
I had my go pro with me so here is a short clip that sums up the week. Nothing crazy but fun summer shredding.
I'm back home now it's holidays for everybody so it's packed as hell, but I'm staying here surfing for few weeks before flying off to Argentina in August.
Enjoy your summer!

Les coups de coeur