LAAX OPEN 2022 - Best of Slopestyle

„Dream weather, dream course, a brilliant day!“

Tess Coady (AUS) and Sean Fitzsimons (USA)are the LAAX OPEN 2022 Slopestyle winnersAustralia‘s Tess Coady is the beaming LAAX OPEN 2022 Slopestyle winner … leading after the first run, she topped her own high score in the second run with an incredible performance, taking home 86.18 points: “Winning here means the world to me!”In second place is Olympic champion Anna Gasser (AUT), making it onto the podium at Crap Sogn Gion for the first time since 2017. Third and for the first time in the top three in LAAX is young Annika Morgan (GER) with a sensational second run. In the men’s competition, the US team wowed across the board with three riders in the top four. Sean Fitzsimons (USA) is the LAAX OPEN 2022 Slopestyle champion: “Dream weather, dream course, a brilliant day!” Second place goes to LAAX veteran Staale Sandbech (NOR), the only one to break through the US phalanx, followed by young talent Jake Canter (USA).

Winning Runs: Tess Coady: Cab 1 to backside 3 on the first rail, wallride to frontside crippler on the uprail, frontside 180 to switch backside 360 on the butter feature, first kicker with a switch backside 900 weddle, followed by frontside double 1080 Indy on the Red Bull kicker and a Backside Air in the quarter pipe to finish things off.

Sean Fitzsimons: Cab 2 on 2 off, boardslide Underflip 6 tailgrab, frontside miller flip Double hand drag on the knuckle feature, frontside triple 1440 weddle, backside triple 1440 weddle, frontside 720 stale.

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