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Zag H95

Great All-Mountain ski for intermediate to advanced skiers

Profil du testeur : 56 ans | 1,80m | 86kg | Avancé
Taille testée : 184
Acheté : 599€ en magasin
Conditions du test : Soft snow

I have been skiing these on and off for 2 seasons now.  It is a really good all round ski, doing the business on the piste, allowing you to venture off to the sides then onto the mountain proper.  It is a really secure ski with seamless movement from one snow type and base to another.  I prefer a longer version - the 184 - as I feel the rocker shortens it anyway on firmer bases but allows better float in softer snow.  For powerder I sue something different for for all else its the H-95s

Pour qui ?

All mountain skiers, those aspiring to all-mountain, those who want a first class secure platform to move from one terrain to another
Accessibilité & confort
Aptitudes piste
Aptitudes hors-piste
Aptitudes freestyle

Points forts

Very secure, Versatile, Seamless

Points faibles

Deep power there are wider skis with better float, ski touring their are lighter skis.

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